The Patriot Patrol Boats have earned a reputation as the most comfortable riding high performance boats available to law enforcement officers around the World, these officers demand a boat that allows them to perform at their best in any sea condition, confident they can focus on their tasks and know the boat will help them to get the job done.

Patriot 8500
This series of 8500 special purpose vessels was delivered to the Hong Kong Marine Police in 1997 and achieved the goal of assisting the Marine Police to stamp out certain illegal activities, these boats have worked in pairs every day and night and are a very visible deterrent in the waters of Hong Kong, we are proud to say these boats are still working with only normal maintenance required over this period.
Patriot 9000
The 9000 series offer a range of features to suit the operators needs, from seating variations to engine options, hull designs have been optimized to suit the new four stroke engines and now speeds can be increased with the new Vented Hull design giving an average of a 10% increase in speed, available in aluminium or GRP with Polycore foam collar fenders or hypalon inflatable tubes.
Patriot 11000

The 11000 is a bold step forward in patrol boat design, with a client that demanded very high performance from an aluminium boat with a crew of ten, plus a non specific payload Patriot teamed with Scott Robson to achieve a 54 knot flying machine with a full payload in rough and tropical conditions, this boat accelerates and handles like the true thoroughbred she is.