The increased level of threat throughout the World requires Patrol Boats to be on station for longer periods, travel greater distances at faster speeds, whilst providing increased comfort for the operators and crew. Patriot have designed new models to meet these requirements offering operators the benefits of air conditioning, remote weapons systems coupled with the proven high speed and rough water performance of a Patriot.

Patriot 9300 SD

The 9300 SD is a stern drive powered patrol boat that is required to endure the rigors of Moreton Bay in the South East corner of Qld, Australia. This bay can turn into a very dangerous sea and the Qld Police are continually called out when the waters are at their worst, with a 50 knot speed capability and excellent rough water handling she has become a favourite with the officers who have to go out

Patriot 1200 & 1500

The 12000 & 15000 series are patrol and work boats that operate in open sea conditions requiring higher freeboard and facilities for overnight accommodation. To date all customers have selected diesel engines with water jets or conventional shafts, however with the new breed of larger OBM this would be an option depending on speed and range required, all boats are fitted with Polycore foam collar fenders.