We first started working with Norcat and Cougar Catamarans in 1994 and supplied many of these boats to private owners, fishing charters and resort dive and passenger transfer operations, the catamaran is the leader in efficiency with large stable work platforms able to carry more load, our new catamaran range can be powered by inboard diesels, or the new breed of large outboard engines, with many different sizes to suit a large range of requirements.


The Javelin marks a departure away from conventional boat designs, her appearance from the outside or the inside makes you think her design originated in Italy, her space and performance are unsurpassed in the market today and the timeless lines will create envy for years to come.

Lowes Ego

Lowes Ego is a hand made offshore racing cat, this all wooden boat was designed by Scott Robson and has won many races and championships, she proved that assymetrical hulled cats can not only run very fast in the smooth water but can also win rough water races in hostile territory such as Port Phillip Bay.


The 10610 is available as a resort transfer vessel for passengers and luggage or as a dive boat, suitable for diving parties of 20, she runs effortlessly with a pair of 225 hp OBM to make her an economical work horse or spacious pleasure boat.